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     In October 1998, More Than Words Can Say: The Ink Spots And Their Music became available from Scarecrow Press of Lanham MD.

* Finalist *

1999 ARSC (Association For Recorded Sound Collections) Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research.
Book cover
* Finalist *

Tenth annual Ralph J. Gleason Music Book Awards (1999).


Here are some additions and corrections that I've accumulated over the years.

Jack Hanna's Original Ink Spots site.                    Greg Centamore's Ink Spots Evolution site.


Scarecrow Press usually sells their works to libraries and schools (you won't find this one at your local bookstore). Here's how to contact the publisher:

      Scarecrow Press
      4720 Boston Way
      Lanham, Maryland 20706
      (800) 462-6420

Or go to their web site and order it online.

Remember, it can't be a Number 1 best-seller without your support!!!

It's also available from Amazon.com! If you'd like to order it from them, just go to Unca Marvy's Famous Book.

It started off life on Amazon as their 948,602nd best seller (Unca Marvy made it to the Top Million!!!). As of December 1, 1998 it had moved up all the way to 766,990. (Big cheer!!!) Then (wow!) to 581,009 on January 1. Wait, wait, it gets better: on Febuary 1, 1999 it had risen to 392,040 on its inexorable climb to Number 1. And now [pause for drum roll], on February 15, it's all the way up to 94,973 (that's an increase of 845,949 positions in only 3½ months; Hemingway, eat your heart out). Bless you all.

For those of you who prefer, you can also get it online at Barnesandnoble.com. (Once upon a time, Barnes & Noble listed it as a Reader's Catalog Selection ["The 40,000+ best books in print" <motto: "If you only buy 40,000 books this year....">])

* * REAL REVIEWS!!! * *

Here's what Dave Hinckley had to say about my book in the New York Daily News. And here's Andrea Siegel's review, which ran in the Winter/Spring 2001 edition of Oldies Forever.

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